Friday First - The Hope of the World

If you’re like me, you may have been experiencing disbelief over what is happening in Ukraine. Ten days in and we may all be thinking about how history repeats itself. I personally know people inside Ukraine who have had to flee for their life. Evil is real and only God knows how we will be impacted as things move ahead. It could be that the separation and isolation that our oceans provide may not be as effective in keeping war away from our homeland this time. We need to be praying for peace, those whose lives are being impacted, our leaders, the Russian leader to turn away from his aggression, and for wrongs to be made right.

What we are facing in this crisis is really not new. Luke 13 records the story of Pilate brutally executing Galilean Jews who had come to the temple to sacrifice. It was a national outrage for the Jewish people. As long as the earth is allowed to stand, there will always be injustice worked by evil men who have been corrupted by their lust for power and blood.

So what is the answer?


Jesus is the only source of life. See John 6.68; 10.10; 10.28. All of these passages are especially relevant as we consider the world situation. The only hope for our world, the only hope for peace and all sustainment is through Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we’ll talk about how we can know this is true. Christianity is not mere blind superstition. There is more! God’s word reminds us that Jesus, our great King, has all authority, power, and control. We’ll focus on Matthew 12.18-21, which is one of the most beautiful passages in all of Scripture that describes who Jesus is. It tells us why we can be sure of securing our hope when we place our soul in the hands of Jesus.

On Sunday we will take an in-depth look at Matthew 12.18-21. Jesus is:
  • Chosen by the Father
  • Commission by the Spirit
  • Committed to helping the weak
  • Consummating victory

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  1. How has the Ukrainian crisis impacted your prayer life? What are some things about it that you can pray for?
  2. Who is the source of life? How does that help you as you consider what all is going on in our world?
  3. What can we learn from Jesus’ meekness and humility in the way He responded to those who plotted against Him?
  4. What kind of regard did Jesus have for the broken and weak? What about the powerful of His day?
  5. How can verses like Matthew 12.20b-21 fill your heart with hope as we consider this broken, violent world?

Those Serving

Kody Pritt

Mark Ringle

Nathan Armstrong

Randy Mullins

Wes Grushon
Matthew 12.14-21

Matthew Allen

Rich Walker

Rich Jacobs / Rich Jacobs / Pat Reeder

Bob Zehring / Isaac Tincher

Wes Grushon

Matthew Allen

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