IGNITE Youth Conference

An annual youth conference designed to unify, provide growth, and encourage teens grades 7-12.

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2023 Conference | August 4-6, 2023

Topic: Relationship Challenges

The challenges to the various relationships our young people have are enormous. They face a much different world than what their parents and grandparents faced. The voices telling them what to do and how to navigate dating relationships, how to handle their relationships with their parents, friends in the world, and various authority figures are far more diverse than just a generation or two ago. What are some effective and practical tools our kids can use to be successful in today's times? How can they learn to share Jesus in a non-threatening/non-offensive way? What about their relationships with their siblings?

For this year's conference we have invited Kris Emerson to be with us. Kris serves as one of the ministers for Lindale Church of Christ, Lindale, Texas. In the process of raising teens of his own, we feel Kris is uniquely qualified to present practical lessons that will build up and strengthen our young people for the world they live in.