2023 Tuesday Night Lecture Series

Raising Your Family in a Twisted World

Join us in person or via livestream on Tuesday evenings, June 6-August 29 at 7 pm EDT, as we present our annual summer lecture series.

Like no time in American history, the family is under attack. Many marriages are in trouble. Relationships between parents and children are struggling and some are broken. Instead of being together, distractions are choking out family life.

During June, Wilson Adams,  will talk about how to build stronger marriages and family relationships. During July, Joshua Welch will present answers on how to be prepared for some of life's greatest challenges that present hazards to your family. And finally, during August Mark McCrary will talk about how today's culture is impacting your family and how to effectively respond.



 Wilson Adams an experienced preacher since 1978, has worked with local churches across Virginia, Washington, D.C., and the Nashville area. Shifting focus from local churches to meeting work, his uplifting social media posts and books, along with study book curriculum, have widely influenced churches. Wilson and his wife, Julie, parented four children and extended their family by adopting three Bulgarian teens in 2016. Now as empty-nesters, they're eager to embrace God-given opportunities. Julie, a marriage-family-trauma counselor with The Still Waters, collaborates with Wilson to host THRIVE, a retreat addressing the needs of abused women. Wilson's pastimes include reading, writing, and hiking, and both enjoy life with their Golden, Lucy, in their downtime.


Joshua Welch hails from a lineage of gospel preachers, a legacy carried on in his work across the United States and Barbados. Joshua's family includes his wife Johnna, whom he married in 2002, and their three children - Samuel, Zoe, and Hadassah, all disciples of Jesus. Joshua has established a rich career in evangelism, radio hosting, writing, and editing for Faith and Facts Quarterly. His service spans several states, with full-time evangelist roles at the Courtland Avenue Church of Christ in Kokomo, Indiana (2002-2017), the Laurel Canyon Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio (2018-2021), and currently at the Anderson Church of Christ in Anderson, Indiana since April 2021. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys writing, having recently published his first book.


 Mark McCrary serving as both preacher and shepherd, has devoted nearly 24 years to the Douglass Hills Church of Christ in Louisville, KY. He is committed to his congregation and cherishes his long-standing role in their spiritual journey. Married to Teresa McCrary, their family is completed by three daughters: Ciara McCrary Arias, Alena McCrary, and Camellia McCrary. Mark’s dedication extends beyond the pulpit, nurturing a strong family rooted in faith. As he continues his spiritual service, he remains a steadfast beacon in his community. This journey, steeped in years of devotion and fellowship, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his congregation and family. His story continues to unfold as he guides his congregation towards spiritual growth and understanding.

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