Sunday Preview: Lost and Found - The Relentless Pursuit of the Spirit

I hope you are enjoying – and more importantly, being challenged by our series this month. We began our journey two weeks ago, delving into Matthew 13.1-8, wherein we explored the parable of the Sower. Through this, we discovered that God, and not us, is the center of that narrative. He sows in both fertile and infertile soils. Last week, we learned more about God through the first out of the three parables presented in Luke 15. These reveal the sublime, saving acts of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit in mankind's redemption.

This month we are attempting to help you rediscover or acquaint yourself with the Saving God. We want to reinvigorate your spiritual life by trusting in God’s help with your transformation. And we want to reinforce your commitment to spread the glorious news of salvation.
On Sunday we’ll examine the parable of the lost coin. Imagine a woman, possessing ten silver coins, and suddenly realizing she's lost one. What would she do? Jesus inquires, “what if you were this woman, what would you do?” She doesn't waste a moment. Lighting a lamp, she sweeps her home and meticulously searches every nook and cranny. Her diligence knows no bounds, and her actions underline the importance of what's lost. Once she finds it, her heart swells with relief and joy. So much so that she invites everyone around, proclaiming, ‘Rejoice with me, because I have found the silver coin I lost!’ She throws a celebration. Jesus’ conclusion is inescapable: Wouldn't we all have done the same?

In Luke 15.10a, the message resonates, “I tell you, in the same way, there is joy…” The emphasis here is on the true joy, emanating from God Himself, who celebrates every sinner who turns back, repents, and is found. This jubilation is relentless, rejoicing for every soul is brought home. In this story we see the work of the Spirit, who through the word casts a beacon of light, brightening our obscured hearts. But doesn’t stop there. He sweeps away the debris, disturbs our complacency, and creates a stirring within, prompting us to move and act. The Spirit mirrors the woman in the parable. He reaches out, striving to uncover the dark recesses of our heart. His ultimate aim? Resurrecting a lifeless soul, caught in sin.

Where in the world would you find a religion that boasts of such a God? A deity who not only retrieves the lost but also rejoices in their recovery? A God who then welcomes them into eternal communion, deriving joy from their return? This is our God! Our Savior. Our Revealer. Our guiding light. Our loving Father.

As we study together Sunday we will:
  • Examine the Parable of the Lost Coin
  • Make Applications for Today

As you prepare for worship be prepared to answer the following questions:
  1. In the parable, the woman tirelessly searches for her lost coin. How does this relentless search relate to how God seeks us out?
  2. From what or who’s perspective did Jesus challenge the Pharisees to think from in this parable? Why would they have considered this an insult?
  3. Why do you think God's joy is so profound over the return of just one sinner, and how does this shape our understanding of His love for each individual?
  4. How does the Spirit work through the Word leading you closer to God?
  5. God rejoices in the return of one sinner. How does this understanding of God's unique love impact your personal faith?

Those Serving

Kody Pritt
Jim Rutter
Kevin Shanesy
John Key
Rich Jacobs
Jeremy Price
Mike Rosato
David Williams

Brayden Grushon
Luke 15.8-10
Matthew Allen
Nathan Armstrong
George Wacks
Kathy Downey / Pat Reeder
Bob Hoopes / Marvin Lewis
Dan Spargo

Matthew Allen

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