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Why God Recreated You
by Matthew Allen on April 23rd, 2024
Our transformation is both a gift and a responsibility that demands our wholehearted engagement to embody the virtues of the divine nature in every moment of our lives. As we continue to grow and mature in our faith, let us remember that we are called to be the visible expression of God’s love and righteousness in a world that desperately needs both.  Read More
Love God with Everything You Are
by Matthew Allen on February 6th, 2024
While emotion may undoubtedly be involved, the most essential characteristics of this love are someone’s dedication and commitment. It is a love of action. It is a love of purpose and self-sacrifice. It is a whole-being response.  Read More
Sunday Preview: God at Work
by Matthew Allen on January 5th, 2024
Philippians 1.6 holds a wonderful message of assurance and hope. In this passage, we find Paul's unwavering confidence in God's ongoing work in the lives of believers. As we step into the new year, let's delve into the significance of God's work from inception to completion, the vital role of the Holy Spirit in sanctification, and the enduring hope that sustains us in our spiritual life.  Read More
Balancing Faith and Works
by Matthew Allen on December 18th, 2023
Properly managing the tension between grace and faith, belief and obedience, things that define the Christian experience, must be handled with great care and wisdom.  Read More
Obedience and Presence
by Matthew Allen on December 14th, 2023
The call to obedience is also a call to trust. By following God's commands, Joshua demonstrates his faith that the pathway God laid out is indeed the path to victory. It's a trust that God's way, though it may be fraught with challenges, is ultimately the way of triumph.  Read More
Sunday Preview: The Sower's Message
by Matthew Allen on November 2nd, 2023
The parable of the Sower, drawing parallels between the types of soil and the condition of our hearts. It is the perfect complement to Paul’s teachings in Colossians. Just as seeds need the right conditions to grow, our heart requires self-examination and humility. By understanding this parable, we can cultivate hearts that are receptive to God's Word, allowing gratitude to take root and flourish.  Read More
Be Diligent to be Approved by God
by Matthew Allen on October 9th, 2023
For it is in this devout adherence to God's Word that we find their true north, a compass guiding them toward eternal approval. In the end, the reward for such faithfulness is not just the fleeting praises of man, but the eternal commendation from Christ Himself, beckoning the faithful home with the words, Well done, good and faithful servant, Matthew 25.21.  Read More
No Delay to Obey
by Cain Atkinson on October 4th, 2020
We live in a very blessed culture in 21st century America. We live in a world of options and diverse blessings. Think about this. At the risk of making everyone tune out of worship today in favor of thinking about lunch, fast forward to a post- service lunch decision type conversation. We have options in this regard. For lunch today, you can have food from whatever country you want—sometimes we ge...  Read More