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How Do We See Each Other?
by Matthew Allen on July 21st, 2024
We need more humility, forgiveness, and love. These will help us treat others with kindness and respect. They will facilitate understanding and empathy and ultimately lead to the construction of bridges instead of walls. Remember, walls of separation are the work of Satan while building bridges of togetherness is the work of our God.  Read More
Unity in the Early Church: The Power of One Heart and Soul
by Matthew Allen on August 9th, 2023
What does it mean to be of "one heart and one soul"? It's not just about practicing the same doctrines or simply avoiding conflict. While the absence of disagreement is vital, true unity goes beyond surface-level peace, which can sometimes be mistaken for apathy or stagnation. A genuinely unified church vibrantly moves forward, embodying a collective spirit and purpose.  Read More
Restoring Unity: Rediscovering our Essential Bond in Christ
by Matthew Allen on July 20th, 2023
Our study and reflection on these principles will equip us to stand as beacons of unity in a divided world. Just as Jesus prayed for the unity of believers, may we, too, be one, reflecting the love and unity found in the Father and the Son, so that the world may witness the transformative power of our faith.  Read More
Friday First - Why We Love the Church
by Matthew Allen on March 17th, 2023
How should we regard the church of our Lord? Why should we hold it in high regard? For some, it has become popular to engage in criticism of the church. And by the way, every generation in the church criticizes the other. And while there are perspectives and attitudes that need to change, we need to be very careful. Impressions are being made on young hearts. Let’s hold each other accountable in making the needed changes in a positive and encouraging way.  Read More
The Ideal Church
by Matthew Allen on October 20th, 2022
What makes the church special is that because of the Spirit’s work inside each believer, Christians become one with God and with each other … as seen in the fruit of sacrificial love, submission to each other, unconditional forgiveness, bearing with one another, patience, compassion, and kindness. What we see in Acts 2.42-47 is an unfolding of the love as it was meant to be inside the church.   Read More
We Are One
by Cain Atkinson on July 24th, 2020
In John 17, our King prayed that “we may be one.” Jesus wanted for the body of Christ to be bound and knit together by love. While others are bound together by work relationships, convenience, proximity and other factors—God himself is to be our binding agent. He is the rock on which our faith is built.  Still, these are divisive times. Many of us have been made to struggle in news ways, we’ve bee...  Read More