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Imperfect Christians on a
Mission Following Jesus Together

Marvin & Angela's Story

See what brought the Lewis family to Cornerstone

Looking for a Church? Be our Guest at Cornerstone!

It is a very exciting time at Cornerstone Church of Christ! Over the last two years we have been blessed with growth ... with new conversions and restorations, and with families from Springfield to West Chester .... from Clayton to Waynesville ... and all over Dayton joining our work.

If you're looking to get your spiritual life on track for 2022, then give Cornerstone a try. From the moment you walk in our door, you will be made to feel welcome, loved, and at home. You're kids will love our Bible classes, you'll benefit from our in-depth and informative adult Bible classes, and your entire family will be uplifted and encouraged by our reverent worship.

We offer opportunities for one-on-one spiritual guidance and Biblical counseling. New small groups for encouragement and Bible study are always forming. If you are looking for a place to become a disciple or grow in your discipleship, Cornerstone is the place! Learn more by watching our 2 minute video on the left.


SCHEDULE (all times Eastern)
8 AM: Your Pathway Home
9:30 AM: Bible Class (The Fullness of His Love - taught by Matthew Allen)
10:45 AM: Worship
7:30 PM: Bible Class (The Beatitudes with Matt and Matt)

Listen to Fuel Your Faith

Start off every weekday morning in the Word as Matthew Allen leads you in a short devotional that will inspire and encourage you to greater faith.

Sunday Morning Study

Get to know Jesus more and the way He loves by going with us through a detailed study of sacrificial love. Class is led by Matthew Allen.

Wednesday Study

Go with us through this exciting study of the basic theology of Jesus Christ. You can learn how to become more like Jesus! Class is led by Matthew Allen & Matthew Ringle.