Friday First - Invitation to the Journey with Jesus

Friday First - Invitation to the Journey with Jesus

Last Sunday, Matt led us in a great lesson where he detailed Jesus' methodology for saving the world, and how we are trying to adopt his same mindset, values and strategies here in Dayton, Ohio. Jesus recruited the twelve, invested in them, challenged them, encouraged them, equipped them and sent them. Jesus made disciples who made disciples. They changed the world. They probably never would have thought it was possible.

Can you imagine what it was like to stand there on the boat when Jesus extended the invitation to Peter and Andrew? Put yourself there at the Sea of Galilee and hear the words of the Messiah. “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” The sound of the waves colliding with the boat? Some sea birds cawing off in the distance? The smell of the sea? I bet those guys remembered that moment vividly. It was the moment that they decided to follow him.

Jesus' invitation to those men there on the boat is rich and weighty, even though they may not have fully understood what they were getting themselves into. They would never be the same. They would become learners of Jesus, they would have their hearts totally renovated and ultimately they would share in a spiritual revolution sparked by none other than God in the flesh.

He invited them to be his disciples, and thereby learn how to make disciples themselves.
What does it mean to leave the nets and follow Jesus? What does it mean to be a disciple?

In Sunday’s  lesson we will examine Matthew 4.18-19 and Jesus' invitation'
  • Make a decision to intentionally follow him as his disciples
  • Allow him to will and work in our hearts to make us more like him
  • Engage in his world-changing, life-changing mission as we move through life

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  1. What is the ‘head’ component of Jesus invitation?
  2. What does Jesus say he will do to our hearts as we follow him?
  3. What does Jesus say we will learn to do with our hands as his disciples?
  4. Using Matthew 4.19, how could we define discipleship?
  5. How might the culture of a church change when more and more people begin to engage head, heart and hands?

Those Serving

Matthew Allen

Jim Grushon, Jr.

Drew Triplett

Matt Ringle

Roger Robins
Matthew 4.18-19

Cain Atkinson

Rich Walker

Pat Reeder / MiKayla Tincher / Emily McDonald

USHERS (arrive @ 9)
Dan Spargo/Robert Zehring

Closing the Building
Dru McLaughlin

Cain Atkinson

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