Friday First - Mercy Without Bounds

During July we have been looking at Jesus from an emotional perspective. What were the attitudes and feelings driving Him as He moved about in His earthly ministry? As we’ve progressed through the month I hope you’ve seen how Cain and I have tried to highlight Jesus’ never-ending commitment to the mission. For even the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many, Mark 10.45. The never-ending commitment of getting us home is what ultimately drove Him to the cross.

As we’ve looked at Jesus from the emotional side, the challenge has been for us to see how we respond to others as we become a place to heal. Will we go on offense to bring liberation to the oppressed? Will we pray to be an instrument of providence? Will we surrender ourselves so we can be used to fulfill His mission? Are we moved by joy as we think of helping others find the way so their names can be written in heaven?

As we study Luke 23.32-43 one of the things that should move us is the absolute patience of our God. When we would run out of patience, God would not. God is far beyond us … in all He thinks and acts. Even when He is offended He warns of judgment and offers forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

On Sunday we will examine Luke 23.32-43 and learn about:
  • The four groups of people who hurled insults at Jesus without mercy.
  • Jesus’ mercy filled response.
  • Three basic points of application.

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  • Do you think some of the people in the crowd had seen Jesus perform miracles and teach?
  • Why were the leaders proud to have Jesus executed? How did they fulfill Psalm 22:6-8?
  • What are your first thoughts when you hear the story of the thief who repented? What is the main point of this story?
  • What is most impressive to you about the great patience and restraint of our God?
  • What are some things you can do to practice patience and move with grace as you help Cornerstone become a place to heal?

Those Serving

Jim Grushon

Roy Pyle

Randy Mullins

Mark Ringle

Bob Hoopes
Luke 23.32-43

Matthew Allen

Russ Robins

Pat Reeder / Pam Grushon

USHERS (arrive @ 9)
Jim Grushon / Roger Robins

Closing the Building
Dru McLaughlin

Matthew Allen

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