Friday First - He Sits With Sinners

The gospel of Mark begins with the affirmation that Jesus is the Son of God. It is the announcement of glad tidings to a dark and foreboding world. A new King has come, bringing with Him a new way of salvation. All things are going to be made new. The first few chapters of Mark’s gospel serve as proof of the power and authority of our great King.

In Mark 2.1-12 Jesus demonstrates that He is the Son of God who not only can tell a paralyzed man to walk, but He can forgive the man’s sins too. The people are astonished, saying they have never seen anything like it, 2.12. Mark inserts the next story to emphasize that if the Son of God can heal people and forgive their sin, how far does it go? What must a person do to experience this forgiveness? Is there someone who He will not forgive? What kind of people can Jesus really forgive?

The gospel is for all. No matter what you deal with, Jesus has the power to make you new. No matter how much you’ve sinned, you can be forgiven. When Jesus says in Mark 2.17 that He came to heal the sick and call sinners, He was referring to all of us. Every saved person came to Christ the same way — in sin, broken, and enslaved in bondage — desperate and in need of redemption. The amazing news is that there is hope. There is a way out. Help is here.

On Sunday we’ll examine the conversion of Levi the Tax Collector in Mark 2.13-17. We’ll:
  • Look at the story itself.
  • Seek to understand the way tax collectors were viewed in Jesus’ day.
  • See how Jesus defied every expectation of what His mission was about.
  • Discover the purpose of His earthly ministry.

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  1. Why were tax collectors so despised during the days of Jesus?
  2. Why were they regarded as unclean?
  3. What does it mean that Jesus reclined at the table in Matthew’s home? Why is this so significant?
  4. What type of attitude do you think is behind the question in Mark 2.16?
  5. What does Mark 2.17 mean to you?

Those Serving

Cain Atkinson

Jim Grushon

Matt Ringle

Paul Braden

Dave Pennington
Mark 2.13-17

Matthew Allen

Russ Robins

Pat Reeder / Sadonna Schofield

USHERS (arrive @ 08.45)
Dan Spargo / David Williams

HEALTH SCREENING (arrive @ 08.45)
FRONT ENTRY: Jessica Grushon
SIDE ENTRY: Pam Grushon

Post-Service Sanitization
Chris & Amanda Fles
Rich & Tina Jacobs

Closing the Building
Ben Baker

Matthew Allen

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