Friday First - He Fights for Us

Here at Cornerstone, you don’t have to look too far to see the amazing things God is doing among us. We’re being blessed with spiritual and numerical growth. We can observe the sustaining power God provides for those going through severe trial. We all experience the healing that has come from past sin and damaged relationships. God is always working and by faith, we see the evidence where He has been.

As we consider these things, our natural response should be to turn outward, with the desire of sharing these incredible opportunities and blessings with others. As we do, what is the message we share? The Great Physician has come. We want others to experience the reality of being remade and begin to live inside the purpose for which they were created … for shining for the glory of God.

It is our mission to offer the good news of the reigning King. He makes us new. We share the life-changing power of Jesus and His message of salvation. He saved our life. We also live it … embracing our purpose as reflectors of God’s amazing grace. He has given us rest. During March we’ll be focusing on the first aspect … Jesus makes all things new. He does this by going to battle with Satan and winning. He is our King who, with love and compassion, does what we cannot do for ourselves. Our Savior … fights for us.

On Sunday we’ll discuss two stories from Mark 1:
  • The story of the leper in 1.38-42. Understanding v. 41 is key to the lesson. Why do some early manuscripts say Jesus reacted with indignation?
  • The story of Jesus’ being drove into the wilderness to confront Satan. What does this text say about the nature of Jesus’ confrontation? There was a reason, a purpose that Jesus went there. 
  • At the end of the lesson we’ll make the connection to us. Will you let Jesus fight for you? Will you allow Him to make you new?

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  1. Why was leprosy such a dreaded disease for those living in Jesus’ day?
  2. What religious and social protocols did the leper violate when he approached Jesus?
  3. How does the first part of Mark 1.41 make you feel? Does Jesus care?
  4. Why did the Spirit drive Jesus into the wilderness? What was the outcome of those events?
  5. How does the message of Jesus’ power and authority as the Son of God resonate personally with you? How has that power and authority changed your life for the better?

Those Serving

Cain Atkinson

Russ Robins

Justin Spargo

James Johnson

Dan Spargo
Mark 1.38-42

Matthew Allen

Rich Walker

Pat Reeder / Kathi Stewart

USHERS (arrive @ 08.45)
Ben Baker / Bob Hoopes

HEALTH SCREENING (arrive @ 08.45)
FRONT ENTRY: Margaret Ringle
SIDE ENTRY: Mark Ringle

Post-Service Sanitization
Chris & Amanda Fles
Rich & Tina Jacobs

Closing the Building
Justin Spargo

Matthew Allen

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