60 Years of Work

As of today, Kettering Church of Christ concludes 54 years of work at it's Bigger Rd. location. We're excited to be moving to a much larger facility in Centerville just across from the new Cornerstone development. We'll be changing our name to Cornerstone Church of Christ.

As we move forward, it is appropriate to take a moment to pause and reflect on our almost 60 year legacy. Our legacy is not a building, it's over 3 generations of people loving God and serving one another. Take a look at the videos below as we memorialize our work up to this point:

Former Minister Ken Weliever reflects on his time at Kettering:

On this special Sunday, Norma Jean and I are reminded of so many good memories during our tenure at Kettering.  Our ministry was blessed with several baptisms and restorations. We developed friendships that have continued for 47 years.  During the intervening years, we've had the opportunity to return for visits and gospel meetings.  We've witnessed your growth.  Rejoiced at your progress.  And now congratulate you on this next step of your spiritual journey.   We look forward to returning and worshiping with you in your new facility.  We pray that this move will truly serve as a Cornerstone for the next chapter of explosive growth for your Church Family.  

With love and best wishes,
Ken& Norma Weliever.

Former Minister Gary Kerr reflects on his time at Kettering:

Former Minister Mike Hardin reflects on his time at Kettering:

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