Great Privileges Bring Serious Responsibility

Pause for a moment and consider all the ways God has blessed you spiritually.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Now, spend a few moments in prayer thanking and praising Him.

I love 1 Peter. Writing to encourage Christians during stressful times, Peter first addresses the spiritual purposes and motives behind the actions God intends:

In 1.3, the focus is on hope. Think back. Hope was at the foundation of your response to Christ. Becoming a Christian involves the desire to get to a better place... in this life and the next. Hope is the reason you live in Christ. Peter calls it a living hope. This hope will go on living because it is not subject to death. It is rooted in Jesus’ resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15.20, 22.

In 1.4, readers are reminded of their inheritance. You are a spiritual heir. By God’s power, you live in hope of a promised land, your own country. You hope for a place that will be incorruptible, imperishable and undefiled. A place where time is no more.

As long as you continue your relationship with Christ, God’s power guards you, 1.5. Christians live in anticipation of the ultimate salvation, life with God.

These blessings are beautiful. When you consider men like Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, you probably think of towers of strength. Yet, those men would have gladly traded places with you just to have the opportunity to experience the privileges enjoyed by Christians. As great as they were, they never had what you have in Christ, 1.10-12.

As a son or daughter of God you enjoy the finest spiritual privileges God has yet revealed. But, this brings great responsibility.

Are you taking your spiritual life seriously?

Gird up your mind, 1.13. New Testament Christians need to develop a mind to work. Lazy minds produce thoughtless acts that work against salvation. Salvation involves both mind and body. Jesus deserves much more than a passing thought. Strive to make sensible and wise decisions as you lead your life. Will the decisions you make today lead you closer to God?

Live righteously with holy conduct, 1.14-16. As a Christian, you have accepted the responsibility to be holy in all behavior. As God is totally set apart from sin, you must consciously seek to set yourself apart from sin. Will the decisions you make today lead you toward holiness?

Realize the seriousness of your commitment, 1.17. If you call God your Father, live for Him in awe and respect. Never forget the price He paid to redeem you - making your relationship with Him possible. God used something more precious than money to purchase your freedom. He used the blood of His sinless Son. The point of 1.18-19 is that if you accept His redemption, you must live in awareness of what it cost Him. Will the decisions you make today be a reflection of the effect Christ’s death has had on you?

Being a Christian is a precious privilege and a serious responsibility.

How serious are you about your relationship with Christ?

Is it the most important aspect of your life?

Matthew Allen

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