Temporary Worship Location

We have made arrangements with Bellbrook Schools to use the old gym inside the St. Pierre Education Center as a place of worship while our new location undergoes some construction / updates over the next few weeks.

Here are our plans for each Sunday while we are out of the building:

  • 8 am: Your Pathway Home Webcast
  • 9 am: Sunday morning Online Bible Study
  • 10:45 am: Online Worship
  • 1 pm: In-Person Worship

With regards to in-person worship:
  • All COVID-19 protocols we were following at the old building will still be in place.
  • Chairs will be arranged with social distancing in mind.
  • There is no AC in the gym, but there is inside the hallway and that will be on. Bellbrook schools have provided large fans to push the air inside the gym.

The location for in-person worship is: 3757 Upper Bellbrook Rd., Sugar Creek Township, OH 45305. This is the school admin building between the highschool and Bellcreek Intermediate School.
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