Friday First - The True Light

On Sunday we’ll continue our series of lessons introducing our 2022 Vision Plan. Over the course of next year we’ll be focusing on Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus. If we’re going to do this, first we must know who Jesus is. John 1.1-18 communicate two basic truths regarding Jesus. (1) The Word was God, 1.1. (2) The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, 1.14. Everything we believe and are as Christians hinges on these two statements. Jesus of Nazareth is God, revealed in human flesh, who is our deliverer from corruption and death. He is our only source of hope.

If last week we learned that the light reveals our mission … i.e., to follow in the footsteps of John in reflecting the light by testifying about Him, this week we will learn what the light reveals about itself. When people see it clearly for what it is, they will either accept or reject it. Finally, for those who receive and believe in the name of Christ, they are given the right to become children of God. Think of what that says about the character of our God, who has caused us to be born again, i.e., a new creation.

All of this is leads to to think about the impact of Christ’s coming to earth. We spend a great deal of time thinking about Jesus’ death and resurrection. But none of that would be possible without His becoming flesh and dwelling among us. It is very appropriate for us to come to a better grasp and appreciation of what it means that the Creator, God in the flesh, condescended to unimaginable depths in order to save us from our sinfulness. O that we might learn to more deeply and profoundly embrace what it means to have the kind of loving God who went to such lengthy measures to give us the kingdom.

In our lesson on Sunday we’ll move to the next section of John 1 and look at verses 9-13. What does light reveal about itself? In what two ways can we respond to it? What happens to those who receive and believe in the name of Jesus? After the sermon you should be able to leave with a better understanding of:
  • John 1.9: The genuineness or authenticity of the Light.
  • John 1.10-12: Two ways to respond to the Light.
  • John 1.13: The character of God who has caused us to be born again.

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, please give consideration to these questions:
  • What does John mean when he describes Jesus as the true light?
  • To whom is the light available? 
  • What causes people in the world to not recognize the light?
  • What is the great indignity of John 1.11?
  • What does it mean to receive and believe in the name of Jesus?

Those Serving

Kody Pritt

Russ Robins

Boyd Hastings

Matt Ringle

Randy Mullins
John 1.9-13

Matthew Allen

Rich Walker

Emily McDonald / Vicki Mullins

Jeremy Price / Bob Hoopes

Greg Morrison

Matthew Allen

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