We Need Some Peacemakers

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” said Jesus in Matthew 5.9. I think it’s safe to say we all could use some more peace lately. We have been going through a long and grueling road full of consternation, dissensions, division, and tension. Riots have now broken out as a result of both far-left and far-right ideologies in this country. All of these episodes of dissent and violence preach loudly that many hearts are not at rest on every level of society. This may be uncomfortable, but it’s real life. It makes us long for peace.
We all have our political opinions on these matters. We know Jesus is not concerned with converting individuals to political parties, though. We know that Jesus’ ultimate intention and mission was to reconcile sinners back to God—making peace. Jesus was a master peacemaker. Consider this. Matthew the Tax Collector and Simon the Zealot served in the same core group of disciples all through Jesus’ ministry.
Read that again. Matthew the Government Employee and Simon the Rebel to the Government, arm in arm pointing people upward to Heaven. How is this possible? Jesus brought them to the same table, for the same mission and called them to leave their earthly allegiances aside. This is the same call we have received, so that we can become peacemakers ourselves. 
Peacemaking is a verb. Peacemaking is a character trait. Peacemaking is a lifestyle. Here’s how can we pursue peacemaking right now;

  • Pursue deeper personal peace with Christ by trusting him and obeying him.
  • Abandon allegiances to any earthly philosophy.
  • Use social media as a ministry tool for invitation and upbuilding, not as a place to air your grievances or quarrel with others.
  • Don’t fight for anything except the souls of your neighbors.
  • Forgive seventy times seven and practice patience. 
  • Immediately stop complaining, gossiping and murmuring… make an effort to shut down these praise killers that destroy peace. 
  • Don’t major in the minors—prioritize Christ’s kingdom and focus on his mission for your life. 
  • Praise God every minute of your day and surrender deeper. 

Cain Atkinson

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