Another Kingdom

Oct 17, 2021    Cain Atkinson
This month, we've been talking about life after healing. So far, we've talked about the joy that comes from knowing we have a relationship with Jesus, and the certainty we have in his commitment to save us. This Sunday, we're going to talk about the Kingdom that he's called us into.

The Colossian letter tells us that Jesus has watched every civilizations rise and fall all through time. He was there for it all. Christ watched every turn of history, and eventually found the appropriate time to break into history in the form of a humble Carpenter's son in small-town Nazareth... an unexpected twist.

Even though many in his time were caught flat-footed, missed it, or couldn't begin to process the spiritual mission of Jesus, Christ allowed us to see the kingdom of God for what it is.

Jesus allowed us to see that the kingdom of God isn't a physical nation with borders, but a movement that starts in the heart of all those who allow him to reign in them. Jesus' kingdom is wherever his people are. Jesus people are called out of whatever culture we find ourselves in, to shine as lights. We are called to be a different, so that we can make a difference. We are visitors here, sure, but we belong to another Kingdom.