2023 Marriage Workshop

God's Teaching on Marriage Has So Much to Offer

The typical couple spends around 400 hours in planning for the wedding day. That is simply amazing. Certainly there are many decisions and choices that have to be made. The amount of planning some engage in for their wedding is simply mind-boggling. But, statistics also reveal that the typical couple only spends eight hours or less in marriage classes, counseling, or seeking pre-marital advice. The perfect wedding often does not reflect even a good marriage.

Sadly, some only think about marriage from the perspective of warning against divorce. And yet, God's teaching on marriage has so much more to offer. Jesus, in His teaching with the Pharisees reminds all of us the standard God has set: For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh, Matthew 19.5. When we think about marriage training and development, the work never stops. Couples need to learn how to live life together.
  • How do they handle the past, their family, and sins that are brought into the relationship? 
  • How can they get on the same page with regard to their finances, children, family time, in-laws, and goals? 
  • What is necessary for effective communication? 
  • What role do spiritual growth and the practice of spiritual virtues play in a marriage? 
  • How many couples need to learn more about grace, patience, forgiveness, and what it means to walk with the Lord?

Couples that worship together, pray together, and grow together spiritually prepare themselves for marital success.

We are pleased to have Wilson and Julie Adams with us over the weekend of June 23-24, 2023 for a marriage workshop. Wilson will be presenting some important lessons on how to improve your marriage. Julie will be presenting some vital lessons to women in breakout sessions. Julie, a professional counselor and spiritual advisor, will be available for private counseling sessions with our women. (Schedule and details to be announced.) Both Wilson and Julie are very qualified for the subject material and have decades of experience and wisdom to share. This is a weekend you will not want to miss!